Who is Kerri Moon?

We are elder care experts who assist those who are struggling to balance busy work and personal lives with the increased need to assist with their parents’ or other loved ones’ care needs. We help them navigate the complex world of medical care, assistance with daily living, elder resources, senior housing, home health and care, transportation, social connections, hospice services, layered family dynamics, and how to manage and possibly avoid emergency situations.

Kerri, got to know my dad and me so you could best evaluate an appropriate placement for both of us referred me only to those places which matched our needs.She gave me choices at various ends of the financial spectrum and made very clear what the advantages and drawbacks were of each place.

She supported me in the move found reasonable, reliable movers to help me; offered to stay with my dad while we packed; kept in constant contact, visited my dad daily for the first week or two to make sure he was adjusting well (since I live far away) and regularly communicated with me on his adjustment.

We talked to the staff at his place, giving them insight into his needs and desires, so they could understand him more quickly. She continues to make periodic, unannounced visits to make sure he's doing well, even after several months. She developed a relationship with my dad and me that has crossed over from professional to friend.

In summary, she found a place for my dad where he's safe, happy, and watched over carefully. She has given me the freedom to relax and not have to worry about him. 

Her life and professional experiences have given her a unique insight into the retirement/assisted living industry-- its challenges, weaknesses, and strengths. That knowledge makes her able to accurately evaluate communities for your clients. In addition, she has the heart and compassion for the elderly in our society. She truly cares that each elder is in the best situation possible where he/she is treated with respect, provided a stimulating environment, and watched over carefully emotionally, physically, and mentally. She treats her clients as if they were Her family. I feel so blessed to have her as my advocate for me and my dad.  


I've been dealing with parent care for about 5 years now and thought I was on top of everything. I recently visited my dad in rehab together with Kerri. WOW!!! Having an advocate that understands everything from how the care system works, how to get nutritional requests honored, how to prevent mistakes by ever changing nursing staffs, how to keep your eyes open for excessive meds (that interact poorly) etc. etc. etc. was INVALUABLE for me and dad.


Kerri moon has been invaluable to me in the process of moving  my mom, who had been ill, from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility and finally to a new home.

When my Mom had become ill and hospitalized I was at a loss as to where to move her for rehabilitation. the hospital gave me a list of places but could not tell anything about them. I also had to find a new place to move my Mom after rehab. because the residential care facility she had been living  had lost the ability to meet her needs. In my search for what to do next .Kerri was referred to me by one of the facilities I had visited.

I had met Kerri a year before at the facility where my Mom had been living so she was familiar with her needs. So I gave her a call. 

On my first call to Kerri she gave me answers to not only questions I had but started walking me through the many options in front of me. she gave me information on the best rehabilitation facilities in the area including  the best nurses, doctors and therapists. Kerri was willing to go to the different facilities with me and introduce me to the staff. She arranged meetings with the staff that would be caring for my Mom and the doctors to go over her prescriptions. Once i decided on a facility Kerri stayed with my mom and made sure she was moved in and was as comfortable as possible. Kerri also continued to check in on the staff to make sure they were doing their job.

Before rehab. finished I knew I needed to find a new place for my Mom to live. Kerri came through again. She had already located a few places for me to see and had brought a nurse from one to interview my Mom and see if she would be a good fit at her home. My Mom is not easy to fit. She has lost 75% of her vision and is aphasic. After meeting with the owners and seeing the home I knew it would be a great fit. It was a "board and care" in the east bay hills. My Mom seems to be very comfortable and happy there. 

Kerri has continued to check in on my Mom to make sure her needs are being met. I feel very lucky to have found Kerri. Her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail is extraordinary. Kerri has done so much for my Mom and I during this process that I am sure I have left some of her efforts out.