Feeling Challenged With Caring For Your Elderly Parent?

A personal coaching service for busy professionals who are suddenly caring for an ill or elderly family member while staying productive at work.

Here’s How We Can Help ...

  1. Assistance with locating senior housing
  2. Planning for future needs
  3. On-going elder care coaching
  4. ​Tactical support for changing needs
  5. ​Emotional support for family system
  6. Triage support for emergencies
  7. ​Medical care advocacy
  8. ​Help with navigating resources
  9. ​Dementia care & intervention
  10. Coordination of in-home care services
  11. Relief for primary family care giver
  12. Go-to professional for all needs


My 95-year-old mom is proud of living in her home with just modest assistance. Within a short time, she had a series of hospital and skilled nursing stays plus a bad fall that collectively took a toll physically and emotionally on both of us, making it nearly impossible to even talk about the future. 

Consulting with Kerri Moon provided us with an experienced attentive ear, observant heart, and a bold no-nonsense approach to eldercare that helped us move forward. Kerri listens, offers options and then initiates action with a few well-placed phone calls. She eased herself into our circumstances with solid leads and knowledgeable suggestions. Her presence permitted a loving conversation that acknowledged fears, allowing my mom to feel respected while considering alternative living choices. My mom still lives at home, but now we have a plan that feels sustainable for both of us when the next crisis hits. 


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I will personally help you to solve your #1 most important challenge and to develop a realistic plan to help you care for your aging parent.

By the end of this session, you can expect to have a crystal-clear vision for how you can effectively care for your parent while continuing to excel in your busy career.